Biennial Convention

Tentatively scheduled for The MITA 2018 Convention and Seminars, July 29 through Thursday, August 2nd 2018.Classes will start on Monday July 30th at 8:00 am.

Tentatively scheduled for The MITA 2018 Convention and Seminars includes those from Kawai America Corporation and Hammond USA (subsidiary of Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan).  We may also have several new manufacturers at the 2018 Convention.
Also MITA members will present classes on the Hammond Tone Wheel, Rodgers, Kurzweil, and servicing tube amplifiers and a demonstration on how to use smart phone and pads applications in troubleshooting/repair.
All class hours are 8:00 am to 12:00pm and 1:00 to 5:00 periods.
Note: MITA, Int. is not responsible for instructors who have to cancel prior to their presentations at the Seminar.
The cost of registration includes attendance at all available seminars, continental breakfast, a full lunch, and break-time snacks and beverages for each day that you register.
Online registration will be available some.

Attending this convention will give you the opportunity to learn new things, experience new products to sell and service, and to network with your peers on a personal level; a levels that cannot be matched by exchanges on the internet alone.
Attendance is a part of routine professional development that will certainly go a long way in helping you to better serve your customers, dealers, and manufacturers and to better develop your business.