Enhanced Customer Support

Success as a music dealer involves much more than having good products and skilled salesmanship. Much of ones continued success depends on how well a customer is supported after the sale. This is especially true in those rare instances where service is required on a recently purchased piece of equipment. A fast and thorough resolution of the problem prevents disappointment from turning to anger. An on-going relationship with a MITA member technician will provide you and your customers with industry leading technical skills and customer commitment. With knowledge and skills fostered by close and ongoing relationships with manufacturers and a worldwide network of experienced technicians, solutions to even the toughest of service issues are close at hand. Your customers will be treated with a level of professionalism and concern that will give you confidence in their continued satisfaction with your products and your organization.

Enhanced Profits From Used Instrument Sales

Many music dealers also take trade-ins and sell used equipment. A MITA professional can give you the heads up on condition issues, known product deficiencies, and possible costs associated with preparing a used instrument for resale. They can provide the services needed to restore used instruments to peak condition and maximum resale value. They can also give the heads up on those instruments that may have more value as replacement parts than as a functional instrument.

Enhanced Profits From Dealer Floor Stock and Teaching Stock

Dealer floor stock, and teaching instruments are subjected to use, and abuse, often beyond the control of the sales staff. Keeping all these instruments in peak condition to meet teaching schedules or to close the sale, requires the frequent services of a skilled technician. Your professional relationship with a local MITA professional can ensure that downtime is minimized and every instrument contributes fully to your businesses bottom line.