Big Names in the Music Industry Support MITA

Some of the biggest names in the music industry having been supporting MITA since it's inception to help improve the over all quality of technical support in the music industry. They have recognized how important well trained and self motivated technical personnel are to the ongoing satisfaction of users of electronic musical equipment. Whether it be organs, recording gear, or guitar amps the technology is in constant change so the continuing education and timely support of field personnel is essential to continued growth of the industry. MITA is your ideal partner to help you meet your customers continued needs and expectations.

Convient Training Venue

By sending trained service instructors to the Biennial Annual Convention and Seminar many manufacturers have found the ideal venue to train large numbers technicians in the latest trends and technologies relating to their product lines. Many have found that it saves them considerable money over doing regional seminars since many of the costs are shared by everyone that is making a presentation and travel and hotel costs for Las Vegas are the best in the country. Many of the technicians are authorized by several of the presenting manufacturers and they are more likely to attend your training if they can get several manufacturers at the same time.

Ideal Channel for Technical Support

By participating on the MITA email and web based forums you can quickly resolve issues confronting technicians in the field to prevent their customers from experiencing long service related delays. You can monitor the discussions that are taking place about your companies products and provide timely answers that might save one of your customers delays and frustration and also get an early warning as to what issues may be developing especially with aging equipment outside of warranty coverage. Other companies find monitoring the discussions useful in evaluating servicers for potential warranty repair status. Finally, all of the forums even the email forums are fully archive and index by a potent search engine reducing the need for repeated explanations of the same issue.

MITA Members are Committed to Continuing Education

Technicians join MITA for the technical growth that they can get no where else. A technician could spend decades accumulating the knowledge and experience that is available at their fingertips on the MITA web site and email forums. With the potent search engine it is easily accessible to solve troubleshooting problems in a timely fashion. The information ranges from vintage tube and synthesizer technologies to the latest Digital Signal Processing and Modeling amplifier technologies and from tutorials on basic electronic theory to specific solutions to known problems. Additionally, many MITA members pay their own expenses to attend the annual convention and to take the MITA Certified Technician Exam. They distinguish themselves with their commitment to having the knowledge to meet their clients (and your customers) challenges.

A Common Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

MITA technicians subscribe to a higher ethical standard and a commitment to customer service. They are members of MITA for the betterment of the electronic musical instrument repair industry as a whole. They support the free exchange of knowledge and experience to help improve the reputation of the industry and improve the experience of all customers. These are the goals that you share for your customers and MITA becomes the ideal partner in achieving those ends.