Biennial Convention

The MITA 2020 Convention and Seminars HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Plans are to hold it next year - 2021 - about the same time.
The below will be tentative for 2021

Tentative Schedule for The MITA 2020 Convention and Seminars includes those from Kawai America Corporation and Hammond USA (subsidiary of Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan).  We may also have several new manufacturers at the 2018 Convention.
Also MITA members will present classes on the Hammond Tone Wheel, Rodgers, and a demonstration on how to use smart phone and pads applications in troubleshooting/repair.  An evening class (7:00 to 9:00 pm) will also show how to clean the buss rods on the newer Hammonds.
All class hours are 8:00 am to 12:00pm and 1:00 to 5:00 periods.
Note: MITA, Int. is not responsible for instructors who have to cancel prior to their presentations at the Seminar.
The cost of registration includes attendance at all available seminars, continental breakfast, a full lunch, and break-time snacks and beverages for each day that you register.
Attending this convention will give you the opportunity to learn new things, experience new products to sell and service, and to network with your peers on a personal level; a levels that cannot be matched by exchanges on the internet alone.
Attendance is a part of routine professional development that will certainly go a long way in helping you to better serve your customers, dealers, and manufacturers and to better develop your business.

Below is what the class schedule looked like for 2018.

Room F
Monday AM: Hammond Tone Wheel – Lonnie Smith
Monday PM:
Tuesday AM: Hammond Tone Wheel – Lonnie Smith
Tuesday PM Kurzweil - - Roger Jessup
Wednesday AM Rodgers – - Ed Wilson
Wednesday PM: Kawai Old & New Products – Juan Escobar
Thursday AM: Kawai Old & New Products – Juan Escobar
Thursday PM:  -------------

Room E
Monday AM: Johannus - previous product generations overview with Q and A Leonard Pelly
Monday PM: Johannus - Current generation products overview with Q and A Leonard Pelly
Tuesday AM:  Kurzweil - See list of instruments above - Roger Jessup
Tuesday PM: Rodgers – - Ed Wilson
Wednesday AM: Casio America, Inc.:Francis A. Pugal: Senior Manager, Service Department
1) Casio Pianos and Keyboards Models - Product Specs and highlights, 2) Common Service Issues for Casio Electronic Pianos and Keyboards
3) Casio Authorized Service Center Network,  4) Casio Warranty Policy and Claims Process

 Wednesday PM: Casio America, Inc.: Same as Wednesday AM
Thursday AM:  ------------------
Thursday PM:  ------------------

Room D
Monday AM:
Monday PM:  Rodgers – using smart phone for troubleshooting – Melvin Lewis
Tuesday AM: - Rodgers – using smart phone for troubleshooting – Melvin Lewis
Tuesday PM:  -- Hammond-Suzuki – Ray Gerlich- Tube Leslie Review: Models 122a 147a 122xb, G37 Leslie for Guitar, Studio 12 Leslie, 3300 Series, 981 Leslie and Kit reviews
XK-5 Organ and Systems, A162 Church-organs and B162 ("B" cabinet style version) and SK Portables series keyboards
Wednesday AM:  Hammond-Suzuki – Ray Gerlich-Same as Tuesday PM
Wednesday PM:
Thursday AM: ---------------------------
Thursday PM: ---------------------------

Monday: Lonnie Smith - procedures on cleaning New B3 Buss Rods
Tuesday: Ray Gerlich - open forum - hooking up Leslies to various organs
Wednesday: "Banquet, Attendance Prizes"

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