A THREE-MANUAL Allen GeniSys organ has been installed in the historic St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. In September 2017, during its first tour of the United States, the Sistine Chapel Choir had rented an Allen organ for a concert in Detroit, Michigan. Choir Maestro Massimo Palombella was sufficiently impressed by the organ’s sound that he contacted Allen Organ Company to forge a closer relationship. As a result, Allen is now the exclusive organ of the Sistine Chapel Choir, referred to as the Pope’s Choir, for all papal celebrations in St. Peter’s Square. In addition, the organ will be used in St. Peter’s Basilica to support the Basilica’s music ministry.

 The Vatican’s new Allen, and its audio system, includes special adaptations to enable the instrument to be moved throughout the Vatican and other locations.  While in St. Peter’s Basilica, the organ’s speaker cabinets are located behind the choir, while its sound is also amplified through the Basilica’s p.a. system to allow the organ to be heard by as many of 12,000 attending Mass. During the first week of December, Allen President Steven Markowitz and Vice President Barry Holben traveled to the Vatican to install the organ and introduce it to Juan Paradell-SolĂ©, organist to the Pope, and Monsignor Massimo Palombella. In addition, the Allen organ was tested and approved for use in St.Peter’s.